Ayurvedic baby kajal with medicated soot & Desi cow ghee-3gm


Brand :Tatsat
Item Form :Balm
Colour :Pure Black
Ingredients :Tulsi,Sahadevi,Daruharidra,Thriphala,Pachakarpoora,A2 Ghee,Castor oil,Bees Wax.


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About this item


Prepared using the Herbs which are nourishing the eyes.Thriphala+Daruharidra kashaya and Tulsi+Sahadevi juice are prepared and a cotton cloth is dipped and dried in this solution 21 times in 21 days to get all the herbal content on the cloth .This cloth made into a wick and it is dipped in a lamp with cold-pressed castor oil as the fuel. This wick is ignited and a copper plate kept on the top of the lamp will collect the medicated soot which provides black color to our kajal.Medicated soot is then mixed with Desi Cow’s Ghee, Cold-pressed castor oil, Pachakarpoora, and beeswax to get the final kajal.As all the ingredients used are intended to nourish the eyes, this kajal is exceptionally good for daily usage for all age groups.
It is 100% safe for babies as well
No mineral colors/parabens or preservatives are added to it.
Warning: keep away from sunlight or hot climate to avoid kajal melting.

Weight.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 4 cm


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