Combo of Full Moon A2 Forest grazing Amruth Mahal BILONA Cow Ghee 2*1000ml

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Ved Tattva Ayurveda Desi Amruth Mahal A2 Full Moon Day BILONA Cow Ghee 2*1000ml

Brand: Ved Tattva Ayurveda

This is a Vegetarian product

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About This Product

  • Our Ghee is prepared on the auspicious Full Moon day from the Ahimsa milk obtained from mountain breed “AMRUTH MAHAL” cows.
  • Our cows are called “Kadu Dhana” in Kannada which means wild cows. They go to the nearby mountain/hill/forest areas for grazing.No additional feed is given for increasing the milk.
  • They graze with great freedom and happiness. They will be milked only once per day after fully satisfying the calf.
  • No antibiotics or hormonal feed is given to them. As these cows are native to that place, they hardly fall sick.
  • As they graze freely in the herbal rich western ghats, all the by-products including the milk is very nutritional and healthy

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Dimensions26 × 26 × 15 cm

2 reviews for Combo of Full Moon A2 Forest grazing Amruth Mahal BILONA Cow Ghee 2*1000ml

  1. VIVEKANAND (verified owner)

    This is excellent COW GHEE. I have tried 4 other brands but this one only granulated GHEE. Excellent product at excellent price.

    • Tatsatayur

      Thanks for your comments

  2. Jigisha Patel

    I use this ghee one year ago I can side that was very good genuine quality what they said on me before I purchased all other product also very high genuinely product made with love bliss

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