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founder and co-founder

founder and co-founder

TATSAT is evolved from the dreams of a young and energetic ayurvedic doctor Mrs. Dr.Revathy, from Kerala who is an MD Scholar of Rasashastra and bhaishajyakalpana. In this Journey, Dr.Revathy is accompanied by her husband Mr.Ajeesh Puthoor who is an expert in Desi Cow products who owns Swasthyam Gosala in Kerala and works for the conservation of  amruth mahal breed cows Of Chikmagalur. TATSAT means THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  Here, We always work to impart The ancient life science of Ayurveda towards the wellness of every living being by Nourishing the mother earth.

We focus on at most purity, genuine, transparency, and divinity in every aspect of our products and services.

Our Promise

Our Social Responsibility

Protection of Indian breed cows

We work very close to Indian breed desi cows in making value-added byproducts From cow dung and cow urine and utilization of bull energy to make the healthy bull driven cold pressed Oils

Plastic-free Packaging

You must have noticed that a huge amount of plastic has been Dumped onto the mother earth by most of the industries around us. In TATSAT, We Have an inborn concern towards the mother earth. We are so happy to announce that few of our products which are packed in glass bottles and are delivered to the customer Without using a single piece of plastic on it. We invented a new method of packing These ghee glass bottles are wrapped using wavy carton paper and then secured using Cotton thread to constrain up/down motion. These secured bottles are then inserted to 7ply carton boxes and sealed using thick paper tapes

Local job opportunities/Women employment

We focus on providing training on value added products  and creating more job opportunities locally

What Makes us unique

“If you focus on growth, you will get growth and money If you focus on money, you will lose money and growth”

♦ We are a team of passionate, motivated, and spiritual youngsters who are always Focus on innovation and growth to make your life better
♦ We work with great devotion and we choose the energized ingredients to make The products. For example, we use only the bull driven cold pressed sesame /coconut oils as base oil for our medicated oils. Since desi bulls rotates around the oil seeds, the oil Retains all essential nutrients and great Aura and energy
♦ The team TATSAT do regular SADHANA and meditation to improve the quality and Energy of the products and services we offer.
♦ We are very specific on what we do.For us, OIL means, Bull driven oils. GHEE means
Desi cow’s A2 Bilona ghee and MILK means Desi cow’s A2 Milk.
♦ We always intend to transfigure the ancient ayurvedic recipes towards the modern world
By keeping its authenticity and therapeutic properties.

Acharya Panel

Dr.Revathy L

BAMS, Pursuing MD in Rasashastra and bhaishajyakalpana, Founder of TATSAT


Dr.Vidya Lakshmi


Dr.Vidya G Mohan

BAMS.MD in Salyatantra


BAMS, Pursuing MD in Rasashastra And bhaishajyakalpana, Founder of Ardraka Ayurveda

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