Desi Malnad Ghee: The Healthiest and Tastiest Option

Malnad Gidda ghee, full moon ghee,Vedic A2 Bilona cultured Ghee

Few items match the purity and richness of ghee in terms of nutrition and well-being. The Full Moon Day Desi Malnad Gidda A2 Bilona Cow Ghee stands as a traditional medicinal elixir derived from forest-grazing cows and presented in a traditional brass vessel. This blog aims to explore its remarkable advantages, unravel its magic, and narrate the captivating tale of its production.

Ancient Wisdom and Timeless Tradition of Ayurveda

The age-old holistic wellness approach is strength and health. The Desi Malnad Gidda A2 Full Moon Day BILONA Cow Ghee is proof of this age-old teaching.

The BILONA Process at Its Basis

  • 100% Source Traceable: The ghee derives from Desi Malnad Gidda cows grazing in the forest.
  • Remedy Elixir: Beyond culinary delight, it’s a precisely crafted medicinal gem.
  • Made in Brass Vessel: Authenticity is enhanced by employing a brass vessel and adhering to the traditional method.
desi ghee with bowl in malnad gidda

Why is Bilona Cow Ghee considered so unique?

why bilona cow desi ghee considered so unique

Desi Malnad Gidda A2 Full Moon Day Bilona Cow Ghee distinguishes itself for several reasons:

  • Milk from Forest-Grazing Cows: The cows’ free grazing in the lush Malnad region yields antioxidant-rich and nutrient-dense milk.
  • Full Moon Days’ Significance: The ghee-making process coincides with full moon days, believed to enhance the milk’s nourishing and therapeutic properties.
  • Ancient Bilona Method: Despite its labor-intensive nature, this method ensures the production of the finest quality ghee.

Why should I use Bilona Cow Ghee?

benefits of A2 cow ghee,Forest Grazing Cow Ghee

Desi Malnad Gidda A2 Full Moon Day Bilona Cow Ghee offers a plethora of health benefits:

  • Enhanced Gut Health
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Improved Nutrient Absorption
  • Boosted Immunity
  • Aid in Weight Management
  • Enhanced Brain Function

In addition to these benefits, it contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), promoting fat loss and muscle growth.

How to Use Effective BILONA Cow Ghee in All Situations

  • Cooking, Frying, Drizzling: Versatile usage suits various culinary needs.
  • Regular Diet Inclusion: Enjoy its flavorful and healthful benefits.

Little Actions Have a Big impact

Even a small amount of BILONA Cow Ghee enhances your meals, allowing you to appreciate its simple yet magical qualities.

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In conclusion, enjoyed tradition and well-being.

Desi Malnad Gidda A2 Full Moon Day Bilona Cow Ghee is an exclusive ghee variety produced traditionally from forest-grazing Malnad Gidda cows’ milk using the bilona method on full moon days. Packed with butyric acid, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it offers various health benefits like improved gut health, reduced inflammation, enhanced nutrient absorption, increased immunity, weight management, and boosted brain function.

This versatile product can be used in baking, cooking, or as is, offering a tasty and nutritious means to enhance overall health and well-being.

To learn more about Dr. Revathy and Mr. Ajeesh Puthoor, explore their full biographies here.

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