Neelibhringadi classical ayurvedic hair oil for lush black hair-200ml

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An exquisite hair treatment oil infused in cold pressed sesame oil for hair loss, premature graying, dandruff that restores and nurtures damaged hair back to health.

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Neelibhringadi Thailam is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal oil renowned for its beneficial effects on hair.


Here are some of its features and benefits:

  1. Hair Growth Promotion: Neelibhringadi Thailam is primarily known for promoting hair growth. It nourishes the hair follicles, strengthens the roots, and stimulates hair growth, helping to combat issues like hair fall and baldness.
  2. Prevents Premature Greying: Regular use of this oil is believed to prevent premature greying of hair. Its natural ingredients help maintain the natural color of the hair.
  3. Improves Hair Texture: The herbal extracts in Neelibhringadi Thailam help in improving the texture of the hair, making it softer, smoother, and more manageable.
  4. Prevents Scalp Issues: It has antimicrobial properties that help in preventing scalp infections like dandruff and itching. The oil nourishes the scalp and keeps it healthy.
  5. Cooling Effect: Neelibhringadi Thailam has a cooling effect on the scalp, which can provide relief from issues like scalp irritation and inflammation.
  6. Natural Ingredients: This oil is usually prepared from a blend of natural ingredients like Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), Amla (Emblica officinalis), Coconut milk, Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), and Neelini (Indigofera tinctoria), among others. These ingredients are known for their hair-nourishing properties in Ayurveda.
  7. Suitable for All Hair Types: Neelibhringadi Thailam is generally considered suitable for all hair types, whether dry, oily, or normal. However, individual results may vary.
  8. Herbal Treatment: It offers a herbal alternative to commercial hair care products that often contain chemicals. It is free from harmful additives and synthetic fragrances.
  9. Improves Blood Circulation: Massaging this oil onto the scalp improves blood circulation, which is beneficial for overall hair health.
  10. Stress Relief: The act of massaging the oil into the scalp can also provide stress relief and promote relaxation, which indirectly contributes to hair health.

When using Neelibhringadi Thailam, it’s essential to follow the instructions provided and perform a patch test to check for any allergic reactions. Additionally, consistency in usage over a period is typically recommended to see significant results.

Ingredients : Bringraj (Eclipta alba), Neeli (Indigofera tinctoria) ,Sesame Oil (Sesamum indicum), Amla (Emblica officinalis), Goat’s Milk, A2 Cow’s Milk, Buffalo milk,yashtimadhu(Glycyrrhiza glabra),Daruharidra (Berberis Aristata),Gunja(Abrus precatorius),Coconut milk(Cocos nucifera)

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1 review for Neelibhringadi classical ayurvedic hair oil for lush black hair-200ml

  1. Mrinalini

    This is such an exquisite hair oil. Top quality and very effective. Can see the nourishment just after one use too.

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