Peeku’s Menarche-children handbook for menstruation

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‘Peeku’s Menarche’ is a book for all to frame a foundation to everything related to menarche and menstruation.
Menstruation is not a pain, indeed a beautiful phase of life.!

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Navigating Menstruation with Young Girls

Being considerate while unfolding the secret codes on the crimson red tide is a challenge to most young women out there. How do we tell the little girl standing in front of us with curious eyes, that she is about age to welcome her monthly friend?!
Truth can’t be harsh here.! We have to carefully prepare the young girls for the journey. So….

How do we explain what is menstruation?
What to tell them? What not to tell them?
How to make the process of its understanding easy for little girls?
How to help them slowly learn about the cycle?
How to guide them through?
How to help them learn menstrual hygiene?
How to help them during their mental distress?
How to calm their mind and comfort them?

Mother’s Concerns Before Puberty 

These are the concerns every mother will have in the back of their mind when her daughter comes close to puberty. Sometimes we are clueless on how to answer the innocent questions of our daughter without making them nervous.
It’s not as easy as we think although we have been in their place before.!

Educating Beyond Biology

More than the biological aspects the children learn at school, there is more to educate them about. To make them understand the physiological as well as psychological changes in their body and mind as they grow. To make them aware about the natural resources they can rely on during their cycle.
The reserved opinions we have or we are told may not work well in a young mind. They will need time to process so we have to be careful in our ways of presentation. We got to be cautious yet considerate.
It’s only when you think about how to serve better help, you will come up with better options for your child. Hence, don’t worry when you have these questions. It’s time to act smart.


Ayurveda’s Traditional Wisdom

Ayurveda has its own classical references on a women’s reproductive health and menstrual well-being. These pages are left unturned in the modern age but explaining several aspects of menstrual health is easy with this natural science.


Ayurveda’s Holistic Approach

Ayurveda, the contemporary system of medicine considers menstruation as the window to a woman’s body and health. In the Ayurvedic perspective, the young women out there lean on to very limited tools to maintain a healthy cycle now a days while Ayurveda provides herbal assistance as well as nutrition plans for our special days. The subtle shifts and signs our body exhibit are to be considered and taken care of for a healthy cycle according to this eternal system of medicine. Ayurveda is a way of stepping closer to our glorious physiology. Seeking help of which little girls and young women can find some really useful data on things to be taken care of when we get our period.


Empowering Girls through Knowledge

So, this book is to all those young girls who are still clueless on what makes them special! This your handbook which will introduce you to all what makes you stronger than anyone else.

A Parent’s Guide to Connecting with Daughters

This is a book for all those parents out there who want to connect with their daughters better.


Addressing Lack of Awareness

The statistics still read that, Every year, one in four girls has zero idea about the changes happening in their body when they reach menarche. This lack of awareness can affect their confidence. This can be a topic of internal conflict in a young girl who happened to see blood stain her clothes all of a sudden. If it happens at her school she can feel embarrassed. She can feel helpless not knowing what to do and whom to say this to.
Because there are chances that on their sail to discover themselves and know the actual reason behind the blood drops, information that isn’t right might trail down their minds. There is no doubt that misconceptions will become the biggest misguide. Especially regarding menstruation. Because we, although mature enough to know all about it, are still fighting the misbeliefs.


Correcting Misconceptions: Importance of Right Information

Hence the myths and beliefs surrounding a menstruating woman come out as confusing to a young girl entirely new to the concept. So letting them know the right information at the right time is necessary. This is what will help them be in their best confident self later on in their lives. Knowing what’s correct will make them feel and act confident. Confidence makes them feel prepared. It makes them ready for the change.


‘Peeku’s Menarche’: A Journey Unveiled

‘Peeku’s Menarche’ is the menstrual handbook for children. It takes you through the journey of a nine year old girl Peeku, who explores and understands all about menarche. She is confused, puzzled and a little nervous regarding the new information just like any other girl of her age. Because surely it is an overwhelming information.!

Mother-Daughter Conversations: Clearing Doubts

The author, Dr. Revathy has designed the narration as questions of Peeku which are answered by her mother. It’s a friendly conversation between a mother and a daughter about menarche. Through which, facts are laid down in its most simplicity.

Exploring Menstrual Topics

What is female reproductive anatomy?
How does your body transform in puberty?
What exactly is periods?
Is it only a lot of blood?
Should you be worried?
What about nutrition?
What are period cramps?
What is the importance of menstruation?
How to maintain menstrual hygiene?
How to cope up with physical and mental changes?
How to track your cycle?
How can Ayurveda help you out?
And what makes a healthy menstruation?

All these innocent doubts and exclamations are answered through ‘Peeku’s Menarche’. Just like how Peeku had her doubts cleared and her worries washed away with the doors of right information her mother opened to her, it is easy to push away what unnerves you, if you own the keys to correct knowledge.


Conclusion: Embracing Menstruation

‘Peeku’s Menarche’ is a book for all to frame a foundation to everything related to menarche and menstruation.
Menstruation is not a pain, indeed a beautiful phase of life.!

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  1. Vinutha R

    Peek’s menarche book , as a mother I feel it’s a very good book for ur princess it provides the information they need to get started on their period journey
    This book guides your child on how to maintain a good lifestyle to have a healthier periods

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