100 Times Washed Ghee Benefits: Transform Your Health with this Liquid Gold Marvel!

Embark on a journey of wellness as we explore the remarkable benefits of 100 times washed ghee. This liquid gold marvel, renowned for its transformative properties, is set to revolutionize your health and skincare routine. Join us in uncovering the secrets behind this ancient remedy and how it can elevate your well-being.

The Essence of 100 Times Washed Ghee:

Derived from Mountain Grazing Desi cow ghee, our 100 times washed ghee undergoes an intricate process in a traditional copper vessel. Each wash refines it further, culminating in a luxurious cream that embodies the supreme skin elixir as defined by Ayurveda.

Key Ingredients:

With a rich composition of omega 3 and 9 fatty acids, along with essential vitamins A, D, E, and K, our 100 times washed ghee is a natural powerhouse for skin health. Experience optimal moisturization and harness the potent benefits for various skin concerns.

Benefits for Your Skin:

  1. Wrinkle Removal: Discover the magic as 100 times washed ghee visibly reduces wrinkles, promoting a youthful and radiant complexion.

  2. Stretch Mark Reduction: Bid farewell to stretch marks, as this liquid gold marvel enhances skin elasticity and tone with regular use.

  3. Everyday Body Cream: Embrace it as your everyday body cream, nourishing your skin without the interference of preservatives, cream bases, or parabens.

  4. Ideal for Newborns: Gentle and pure, our 100 times washed ghee serves as the perfect natural moisturizer for newborn babies, providing the care they deserve.

How to Use:

Unlock the full potential of 100 times washed ghee by blending it in your palm. Gently rub and massage it into your skin using small, upward, circular motions, allowing the cream to penetrate all seven layers for deep nourishment.

Warning and Storage:

Preserve the integrity of this liquid gold by storing it away from heat and sunlight. For an extended shelf-life, refrigerate the cream, ensuring its purity and efficacy.

How to Purchase:


Elevate your skincare routine with the transformative benefits of 100 times washed ghee. This liquid gold marvel promises a radiant and revitalized version of yourself. Explore the age-old wisdom encapsulated in every drop and let the benefits of this extraordinary elixir guide you on a path to holistic well-being.

To learn more about Dr. Revathy and Mr. Ajeesh Puthoor, explore their full biographies here.

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