Pamper Baby Skin with Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil for Baby Massage

Presenting the wonders of Urukku (Vendha) Velichenna: hot-processed, pure virgin baby oil made with love and custom for your priceless new baby. The key to giving your baby gentle, friendly, and nourishing massages is in this 200ml bottle.

Discovering Urukku (Vendha) Velichenna:

Fresh coconut milk is boiled to create Urukku Velichenna, also called Vendha Velichenna, a unique type of pure virgin coconut oil. Because of this ancient practice’s amazing advantages for baby care, it has been loved for many generations.

Urukku Velichenna's Essence:

• Nourishing: Packed with vital vitamins and minerals, this oil naturally nourishes your baby’s sensitive skin.
• Moisturization: Urukku Velichenna prevents dryness and discomfort by keeping your baby’s skin hydrated.
• Relaxation: This oil can be massaged to induce relaxation, improve the quality of sleep, and fortify the bond between parents and children.

• Skin Protection: It creates a barrier that keeps your baby’s skin safe from the elements.

urukku velichenna's essence coconut oil ,vendha velichenna

Virgin Coconut Oil: The Magic

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil: An Organic Gem

Called the “miracle oil,” virgin coconut oil is obtained by cold-pressing the white kernel of fully developed coconuts. Because of its strong nutritional content, it’s a safe and sensible option for your baby’s delicate skin.

Benefits for Newborns

• Moisturization: Deep hydration provided by virgin coconut oil is perfect for maintaining your baby’s skin smooth and soft.
• Natural Nourishment: Packed with lauric acid, which promotes overall skin health with its antibacterial and antifungal qualities.
• Calming Effect: Giving your baby a light massage with coconut oil can be a calming and strengthening experience for both of you.

How to Use :

how to use coconut oil

1. In your hands, comfortable up a small amount of Urukku Velichenna.
2. Use soft strokes to massage your baby’s body. This is a beautiful chance to spend time together.
3. Allow the benefits of the oil to absorb into your baby’s skin by leaving it on for a while.

4. Next, bath your child using a gentle baby soap that is free of chemicals.

Reasons to Select Urukku Velichenna

Virgin coconut oil’s nutritional qualities and purity are maintained by using this age-old preparation technique. It is the perfect option for your baby’s delicate skin because it is free of dangerous chemicals and additives.

How to Purchase:

1. Visit our official online store to buy your baby a 200ml bottle of Urukku (Vendha) Velichenna.
2. Check out our in-depth guide on the advantages of baby massage for additional advice and insights.
3. Learn about additional natural baby care items.

Using Urukku (Vendha) Velichenna to nourish your baby’s skin is a generation-spanning service of love and concern. Experience the purity of hot-processed virgin coconut oil and spend precious time bonding with your baby. The Complete Guide to Baby Use of Coconut Oil

In Conclusion:

A tried-and-true, all-natural, and gentle method of nourishing your baby’s skin is Urukku Velichenna. Give your child a massage with Urukku Velichenna, and you’ll see a healthy, happy glow on their skin.

To learn more about Dr. Revathy and Mr. Ajeesh Puthoorexplore their full biographies here.

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