Look Into Purity: Ayurvedic Baby Kajal with Desi Cow Ghee & Medicated Soot

Ayurvedic baby kajal

When it comes to your baby’s well-being, every parent wants the best. From their diet to their skincare, every aspect is crucial. One item that plays a significant role in protecting your baby’s eyes is baby kajal. In this blog post, we will explore the world of baby kajal, including how to make natural kajal for babies, its benefits, safety concerns, and more.

What Is Ayurvedic Baby Kajal?

Baby kajal, also known as  kohl or “surma,” is a traditional eyeliner used in many cultures to enhance and protect the eyes. It is believed to have soothing properties and can help strengthen the eye muscles. Natural baby kajal is made from ingredients like ghee, camphor, and almond oil, making it safe for delicate baby skin.

The Baby Kajal Tradition

An Ancient Ritual

Applying kajal to a newborn’s eyes is a long-standing tradition with roots in Ayurveda. It improves the child’s inherent beauty and represents their safety and well-being.

Ingredients of Ayurvedic Baby Kajal:

Medicated Soot: Medicated soot is made using a special, centuries-old method that involves burning natural components, rendering it safe and advantageous for babies.

Desi Cow Ghee: Desi cow ghee guarantees that the medicated soot in the kajal is gentle on your baby’s eyes while complementing it with its nourishing and soothing qualities.

ingredients of ayurvedic baby kajal

Benefits of Ayurvedic Baby Kajal:

  • Promotes Eye Health: Baby kajal is known for its cooling and soothing effects on the eyes, reducing inflammation and irritation.

  • Enhances Vision: The herbal ingredients in natural baby kajal can help improve vision and strengthen eye muscles.

  • Protection from Environmental Factors: Baby kajal acts as a barrier against dust, pollution, and harmful UV rays, keeping your baby’s eyes safe.

  • Cultural Tradition: Using baby kajal is a cultural tradition in many households, passed down through generations as a symbol of love and protection.

Is Homemade Kajal Safe for Babies?

While homemade kajal made from natural ingredients is generally safe for babies, it is essential to test it on a small patch of skin first to check for any allergic reactions. Additionally, ensure that the kajal is free from harmful chemicals and metals that could harm your baby’s eyes.

benefits of ayurvedic baby kajal , natural safe kajal

How to Use Baby Kajal Ayurvedically

Apply Carefully

  • Ensure your baby is relaxed and comfortable.
  • Gently apply a small amount of kajal to the waterline of the eyes.
  • Be patient and let your baby get used to the application process.

The key is Consistency

Apply the kajal every day to protect your baby’s eyes and bring out their inherent beauty for the best effects.

How to make homemade kajal based on Ayurveda

Tatsat Ayurvedic Kajal is an eye-soothing handmade kajal made as per the 5000-year-old Ayurvedic traditional process. The chakshushya(nourishing the eyes)herbs which are Thriphala, Daruharidra, Sahadevi, and Tulsi are processed for 21 days to get the maximum benefit. The medicated soot is made from these chakshushya herbs using the traditional castor oil lamp method. The medicated soot is then collected on a copper plate. The presence of pure castor oil, desi cow’s hand-churned A2 ghee, and pachakarpoora makes this kajal exceptionally good for the eyes.

Choosing the Best Baby Kajal

1. When selecting a baby kajal for your little one, opt for natural and organic options free from chemicals and preservatives. 
2. Look for brands that follow strict safety guidelines and have positive reviews from other parents.
3.Consider consulting with a pediatrician before using any new product on your baby’s delicate skin.

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In summary

Ayurvedic Baby Kajal with Desi Cow Ghee and Medicated Soot is more than just a cosmetic; it’s a sign of protection and love. A 3gm jar of pure care for your baby’s eyes is the result of ancient wisdom merged with current safety standards.
Watch this space for more information on holistic health, natural remedies, and the techniques of gentle baby care.

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