Smudge-Proof Kajal: Tatsat’s Enchanting Magic!

Ever wondered why people choose simplicity when it comes to eye makeup? Unveil the magic of Tatsat Ayurvedic Kajal Stick, a 2.5gm blend of medicated soot and Desi Cow Ghee that not only enhances your eyes but also cares for them naturally.

The Beauty of Simplicity:

Simple kajal has been a timeless choice for eye enhancement across cultures. Tatsat Ayurvedic Kajal Stick takes this simplicity to the next level by infusing the age-old goodness of Ayurveda into your eye care routine.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Medicated Soot: Known for its cooling properties, medicated soot soothes the eyes and promotes overall eye health.
  2. Desi Cow Ghee: The inclusion of Desi Cow Ghee provides a gentle and nourishing base, ensuring a smooth application.


  1. Natural Coolness: Medicated soot brings a natural coolness to your eyes, reducing strain and fatigue.
  2. Ayurvedic Nourishment: Desi Cow Ghee nourishes the delicate skin around your eyes, keeping it soft and supple.
  3. Easy Application: The kajal stick design ensures convenient and precise application, perfect for everyday use.

How to Use:

  1. Gently apply Tatsat Ayurvedic Kajal Stick along your lash line.
  2. For a more dramatic look, you can extend the line or smudge it slightly.


Experience the elegance of enhanced eyes with Tatsat Ayurvedic Kajal Stick. Not only does it beautify, but it also cares for your eyes, leaving them refreshed and radiant.


Choose the simplicity that speaks volumes – Tatsat Ayurvedic Kajal Stick. Elevate your eye care routine with the goodness of Ayurveda. Try it today and let your eyes express their natural beauty with every glance!

To learn more about Dr. Revathy and Mr. Ajeesh Puthoor, explore their full biographies here.

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