Tatsat Ayurvedic kajal stick made from medicated soot and Desi Cow Ghee-2.5gm

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Colour: Pure Black
Item Dimensions: LxWxH 20 x 20 x 80 Millimeters
Material Feature: Preservative Free, Natural

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About this item

Prepared using the Herbs which are nourishing the eyes.Thriphala+Daruharidra kashaya and Tulsi+Sahadevi juice are prepared and a cotton cloth is dipped and dried in this solution 21 times in 21 days to get all the herbal content on the cloth.
This cloth made into a wick and it is dipped in a lamp with cold-pressed castor oil as the fuel. This wick is ignited and a copper plate kept on the top of the lamp will collect the medicated soot which provides black color to our kajal.
Medicated soot is then mixed with Desi Cow’s Ghee, Cold-pressed castor oil, Pachakarpoora, and beeswax to get the final kajal.


Full list of ingredients


* Terminalia Chebula(Haritaki) * Terminalia Bellerica(Bibhitaki) * Emblica Offinalis(Amla) * Ocimum Sanctum(Tulsi) * Berberis Aristata(Daruharidra) * Vernonia Cinerea(Sahadevi) * Ricinus communis(Castor )Oil * Gau Ghrit (Desi cow ghee) * Cinnamomum camphora * Cera alba(Bee Wax) * Vitellaria paradoxa (shea) butter * Theobroma cacao (cocao) butter * Copernicia prunifera(carnauba) wax * Prunus dulcis (Almond) oil

As all the ingredients used are intended to nourish the eyes, this kajal is exceptionally good for daily usage for all age groups. It is 100% safe for babies as well

No mineral colors/parabens or preservatives are added to it. Warning: keep away from sunlight or hot climate to avoid kajal melting.




Ayurvedic Kajal, also known as ‘kohl‘ or ‘surma,’ has a rich heritage in India. It’s more than just a cosmetic; it’s an age-old tradition of nurturing and protecting the eyes. Tatsat’s Ayurvedic kajal takes this tradition to the next level, combining the finest ingredients to ensure that your eyes receive the best care.

An explanation of these ingredients and their potential benefits for eye care:

  1. Terminalia Chebula (Haritaki):

    Known for its antioxidant properties, it may help reduce oxidative stress in the eyes and support overall eye health.

  2. Terminalia Bellerica (Bibhitaki):

    Has antimicrobial properties that could assist in protecting the eyes from infections and supporting eye hygiene.

  3. Emblica Offinalis (Amla):

    Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, Amla supports eye tissues and may aid in reducing the risk of age-related eye issues.

  4. Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi):

    Known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Tulsi may help in soothing and protecting the eyes.

  5. Berberis Aristata (Daruharidra):

    Contains compounds that could contribute to eye health, potentially reducing eye strain and supporting eye hygiene.

  6. Vernonia Cinerea (Sahadevi):

    May possess antioxidants that could aid in protecting the eyes from oxidative stress and maintaining eye health.

  7. Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil:

    Known for its lubricating properties, it might help in moisturizing and soothing the eyes.

  8. Gau Ghrit (Desi cow ghee):

    Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, Desi cow ghee can be beneficial for lubricating and nourishing the eyes.

  9. Cinnamomum Camphora:

    Could contribute to reducing inflammation and irritation in the eyes, providing a soothing effect.

  10. Cera Alba (Bee Wax):

    Contains natural protective properties that might offer a barrier against external elements, aiding in eye protection.

  11. Vitellaria Paradoxa (Shea) Butter:

    With moisturizing properties, Shea Butter can help in preventing dryness in the eye area.

  12. Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Butter:

    Contains antioxidants that may contribute to protecting eye tissues and maintaining eye health.

  13. Copernicia Prunifera (Carnauba) Wax:

    Known for its protective and moisturizing attributes, it could contribute to eye comfort.

  14. Prunus Dulcis (Almond) Oil:

    Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, Almond Oil may aid in nourishing and hydrating the delicate eye area.

These ingredients, when combined, aim to provide a holistic approach to eye care by offering nourishment, protection, and potential soothing effects for the eyes.

Explore the magic behind our Tatsat Ayurvedic Kajal Stick crafted meticulously from medicated soot and Desi Cow Ghee, offering a nurturing touch to your eyes. Learn more about the fascinating journey of our kajal creation in our blog post: [Tatsat Ayurvedic Kajal Stick: Medicated Soot & Ghee Magic], where we delve into the intricate process behind this cherished eye-care tradition.


Weight.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 4 cm

4 reviews for Tatsat Ayurvedic kajal stick made from medicated soot and Desi Cow Ghee-2.5gm

  1. Bunnyvj

    Very nice product I am so happy I decided to gift my friends n nieces this Kajal for Navratri and whoever used have given very nice reviews n i wish tatsat ayur to come up more with variety safe cosmetics like lipstick

  2. Mrinalini (verified owner)

    I really want to congratulate the team for creating such a pure product in today’s market. The kajal is so comfortable and good to apply. I don’t think I can ever use another kajal again.

  3. Meenakshi Subramanian

    It’s a superb product. Must buy.

  4. Hinal purohit

    I brought tatsat kajal pencil for trial, But it is really good so i order another two. The product is really genuine as it claims Just go for it.

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