TATSAT-100% Natural Ayurvedic kajal Pencil with “CHAKSHUSHYA” Herbs,Medicated Soot Desi Cow Ghee & Almond oil-0.25gms

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We have developed our handmade Ayurvedic Kajal, from the sublime intermix of Ayurvedic herbs,Almond oil and Desi A2 cow’s ghee which forms the purely natural combo, setting forth a beyond compare nutrifying effect on our organ of vision. The exquisite ayurvedic Kajal is formulated following the references of the ancient classic ‘Sahasrayogam’.

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TATSAT kajal is the best hypoallergenic kajal which can safely be used on a daily basis for all irrespective of their ages. Those kajal lovers looking for a clean natural look without having to worry about causing any irritation, allergic reactions or damage to the eyes, This could be your best choice.

The dark lined eyes are unavoidable look for almost all women out there. This is the very simple way to feel and look beautiful hence it’s important that we use a product that is completely safe and natural for our eyes. 3-5 strokes of Tatsat Kajal will give you that perfect black lining you wish and this could be your safe product for an entire 365 days of daily use.

It is carefully formulated from herbs known to be with Chakshushya property (Healthy for the eyes). So for those who are health conscious more than beauty conscious, This is your call.!

Being a therapeutic grade kajal, it’s Sheeta virya (cool potency) calms down and nourishes the eyes. It can thus safely be used for babies as well. The100% natural ayurvedic constituents used in the product impart beneficial effects such as protecting the eyes from infections and could be safely reapplied for long lasting effect.

This therapeutic graded product could be a ‘no second thoughts’ choice for all those who wish for a Kajal more than mere cosmetic grade, which will impart a soothing effect for their eyes. Going herbal is never out of trend.!

 Moreover, our prime sense organ deserves the best.!!


The popular Chakshushya herbs (herbs which nourish eyes) including Tulsi, Triphala, Sahadevi and Daruharidra. They are processed for 21 days and is converted into a black medicated soot collected over a copper plate. Our formulary method is purely natural, and close or more similar to the way by which our ancestors had been traditionally making this basic eye beauty enhancer






  • Triphala: Enhances eyesight and nurtures the eyes.
  • Prunus Dulcis (Almond) Oil: Reduces puffiness and dark circles, providing antioxidants.
  • Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi): Guards against environmental stresses.
  • Berberis Aristata (Daruharidra): Active antimicrobial agent, preventing eye diseases.
  • Vernonia Cinerea (Sahadevi): Rectifies ocular diseases like conjunctivitis.
  • Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil: Retains eye hydration, fostering healthy lashes.
  • Gau Ghrit (Desi Cow Ghee): Provides overall healing and corrective effects.
  • Cinnamomum Camphora (Pacha Karpooram): Offers therapeutic benefits.
  • Cera Alba (Bee Wax): Imparts calming and soothing properties.

Full list of ingredients


INGREDIENTS : Ricinus communis (Castor )Oil, Cera alba(Bee wax) ,Prunus dulcis(Almond) oil,Copernicia prunifera(carnauba) wax,Terminalia chebula(ft), Terminalia bellerica(ft), Emblica offinalis(ft), butter (A2 cow ghee), Theobroma cocao(cocao) butter ,Cinnamomum camphora(As it).

Expiry: 2 years from MFD

Warning: Keep away from sunlight or hot climate to avoid kajal melting.



Unveil the story behind our TATSAT-100% Natural Ayurvedic Kajal Pencil on our blog: [TATSAT Ayurvedic Kajal Pencil: Secrets Revealed].

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 15 × 3 cm

8 reviews for TATSAT-100% Natural Ayurvedic kajal Pencil with “CHAKSHUSHYA” Herbs,Medicated Soot Desi Cow Ghee & Almond oil-0.25gms

  1. Dr. Harsha Joy

    I just loved the product! Finally I found an organic Kajal for my daily use. Although it takes 2-3 strokes to get a darker tone it’s completely worth it! Totally loved it!

  2. Sahithi

    Loved the product! Smudge free with nice fragrance. Perfect for daily use.

  3. M.Sushmethaa

    As per Ayurveda,one of the daily routine is applying Kajal. So I have been searching long time for proper kajal which is made as per text.Yes finally I have got it and applying every day without any guilt.extremely happy about the product.

  4. Rupali A

    Kajal is really good, doesn’t sting eyes, jet black & doesn’t smudge easily

  5. Sudha BR

    This is an extraordinary product for all age group. Thanks to tatsat for this product.

  6. Sudha BR

    This product is extraordinary and worthy.suitable for all age groups. Thanks to tatsat for this product

  7. Maya Reji (verified owner)

    I enjoy wearing the kajal every day to work with out being scared about the chemicals I may end up in my eyes.
    I also liked the fragrance of the kajal, like old times when my mom used to apply when we were kids. It’s not to be found in many big brands these days.
    Keep continuing with this best quality. Thank you

  8. Namrata

    Loved the kaajal…suitable for everyday use..does not smudge easily…and it has been made traditionally, with no chemicals.

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