Ayurvedic baby kajal with medicated soot & Desi cow ghee-3gm

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An exquisite ayurvedic kajal made from CHAKSHUSHYA herbs for all age groups including babies


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We have developed our handmade Ayurvedic Kajal, from the sublime intermix of Ayurvedic herbs,Almond oil and Desi A2 cow’s ghee which forms the purely natural combo, setting forth a beyond compare nutrifying effect on our organ of vision. The exquisite ayurvedic Kajal is formulated following the references of the ancient classic ‘Sahasrayogam’ using, The popular Chakshushya herbs (herbs which nourish eyes) including Tulsi, Triphala, Sahadevi and Daruharidra. They are processed for 21 days and is converted into a black medicated soot collected over a copper plate. Our formulary method is purely natural, and close or more similar to the way by which our ancestors had been traditionally making this basic eye beauty enhancer. It lasts for 4-6 hours and might smudge a little or has the potential to give you a smudge free effect depending on your skin type.

It is 100% safe for babies as well
No mineral colors/parabens or preservatives are added to it.
Ingredients :Tulsi,Sahadevi,Daruharidra,Thriphala,Pachakarpoora,A2 Ghee,Castor oil,Bees Wax.
Warning: keep away from sunlight or hot climate to avoid kajal melting.

ingredients of ayurvedic baby kajal



What is Baby Kajal?

Baby kajal, a traditional eye cosmetic, enhances the beauty of eyes across cultures. Crafted from natural ingredients like herbs, oils, and waxes, it offers aesthetic appeal and potential health benefits.

Our Ayurvedic Baby Kajal, incorporating Medicated Soot & Desi Cow Ghee, epitomizes this tradition. It’s a blend of Ayurvedic herbs, almond oil, and Desi A2 cow’s ghee, ensuring natural and safe enhancement for your little one’s eyes.


Which Baby Kajal is Best for Newborns?

Selecting the best baby kajal for newborns prioritizes safety and purity. Our Ayurvedic baby kajal adheres to ancient Ayurvedic principles, employing Chakshushya herbs recognized for their nourishing properties.

Free from mineral colors, parabens, or preservatives, our baby kajal guarantees 100% safety for newborns. Its natural formulation, featuring ingredients like Tulsi, Sahadevi, Daruharidra, Triphala, and A2 Ghee, ensures gentle care for delicate eyes.


Best Organic Baby Kajal?

Our Ayurvedic Baby Kajal emerges as the best organic baby kajal. Crafted from pure and natural ingredients, it seamlessly blends tradition and safety for your little one’s delicate eyes.


How to Make Baby Kajal at Home?

While commercial options abound, some parents prefer homemade alternatives. Creating baby kajal at home requires almond oil, ghee, and herbs like tulsi, triphala, sahadevi, and daruharidra.

Following precise recipes and preparation methods is essential for safety and efficacy. Alternatively, our Ayurvedic Baby Kajal offers the perfect blend of traditional ingredients and modern convenience.


How to Apply Baby Kajal?

Applying baby kajal is straightforward. Ensure clean hands, gently hold your baby’s eyelids open, and apply a thin line along the lower waterline. Our Ayurvedic Baby Kajal provides easy-to-follow instructions for safe and effective application, ensuring a comfortable experience.


How to Remove Baby Kajal?

Proper removal of baby kajal is crucial. Use a soft, damp cloth or cotton ball to gently wipe away the kajal from your baby’s eyes. Our Ayurvedic Baby Kajal, formulated for long-lasting wear yet easy removal, offers peace of mind with every use.


Weight.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 4 cm

7 reviews for Ayurvedic baby kajal with medicated soot & Desi cow ghee-3gm

  1. Ashok Kumar (verified owner)

    Very good product, if used carefully will last for long period of time, around 1.5 – 2 years for small babies..

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