Ved Tattva Ayurveda Full Moon A2 Amruth Mahal BILONA Cow Ghee 500ml

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Ved Tattva Ayurveda Desi Amruth Mahal A2 Full Moon Day BILONA Cow Ghee 500ml

Brand: Ved Tattva Ayurveda

This is a Vegetarian product

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About This Product

  • Our Ghee is prepared on the auspicious Full Moon day from the Ahimsa milk obtained from mountain breed “AMRUTH MAHAL” cows.
  • Our cows are called “Kadu Dhana” in Kannada which means wild cows. They go to the nearby mountain/hill/forest areas for grazing.No additional feed is given for increasing the milk.
  • They graze with great freedom and happiness. They will be milked only once per day after fully satisfying the calf.
  • No antibiotics or hormonal feed is given to them. As these cows are native to that place, they hardly fall sick.
  • As they graze freely in the herbal rich western ghats, all the by-products including the milk is very nutritional and healthy.


Curious to explore more about the wonders of our A2 Amruth Mahal Bilona Cow Ghee? Dive deeper into our insightful blog post: ‘Exploring Ved Tattva Ayurveda A2 Cow Ghee (500ml).’ Uncover the secrets behind the making of this exquisite ghee and its journey from tradition to your table.

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Dimensions25 × 14 × 14 cm


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